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Full-Service Pharamacy

Sunwest Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy…ONLY BETTER! Sunwest Pharmacy feels more like a family. You’ll notice the difference the first time you call or walk in the door. Our professional and caring staff has been trained to treat our clients with kindness, compassion, dignity, and respect. Most of our larger competitors do not focus solely on being a great pharmacy. Those companies are overseeing the operations of an entire drugstore or grocery store, in addition to the pharmacy. They tend to be overly driven by their “bottom line”, and not as invested in their patient’s long-term care. The bottom line at Sunwest Pharmacy is our clients’ wellbeing. Period.

Our Pharmacists and Their Philosophy

Our pharmacists work with your physician AS A MEDICAL TEAM. Our pharmacists take the extra step of analyzing your complete medication regimen, and report any concerns and potential side effects to you and your physician. Our pharmacists enjoy spending one-on-one time getting to know our patients, and they appreciate educating our patients about their medications, to ensure they are getting what they need…and know what they are getting. Our relationship is not over once the prescription is filled. Our pharmacists are available during normal business hours to answer any questions in person or over the phone.

Insurance Billing and Immunizations

We work with most insurance carriers, including Medicare Part B + D, AHCCCS, Express Scripts, and many private insurance companies. We will gladly handle all the insurance paperwork. We can also put your prescription on our AUTO REFILL plan. We will be alerted well before your prescription runs out, and we will contact your physician for any necessary refills. You don’t need to do a thing. All you need to bring is your ID and insurance information, and we’ll take it from there.

We are also Blue Cross/Blue Shield certified to administer immunizations such as Flu Shots, Pneumonia Immunizations, Shingles Immunizations, Tetanus Shots, and Hepatitis Shots.

Filling a prescription is easy and fast with Sunwest Pharmacy

Most prescriptions will be filled in less than 30 min. A few may take up to an hour. In VERY rare instances, if we need to ‘special order’ your prescription, we will have it within 24 hours of prescription drop-off, and we will either notify you or deliver it to you FREE OF CHARGE. Our aim is to get you feeling better and on your way fast! You will never find yourself “stranded” at our pharmacy, waiting hours because you are at the end of a list made up of other shoppers, like you would at the grocery store pharmacy.

FREE, PROMPT DELIVERY on all medications

We don’t believe our patients should have to work for their prescriptions. We appreciate that our clients choose us as their primary pharmacy, and to show our gratitude, we will happily deliver any prescription in the Phoenix area.


Sunwest Pharmacy is just south of 12th Street on McDowell Road, in Phoenix, AZ. We’re strategically located close to Good Samaritan Hospital and many doctors’ offices.  Can’t make it to the pharmacy? We’ll happily deliver prescriptions right to your door in the Phoenix area or send prescriptions overnight.

Our pharmacy also offers multilingual customer service, to service our diverse clientele.

QUESTIONS? Please Call Our Pharmaceutical Team at (602) 396-7330

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